The Vision


The 2012 Vision Goals and Objectives for New Hope Baptist are the most aggressive and hold the most promise of the greatest time of Fruitfulness in our 119 years history.  The theme is “Excellence: Giving God our Best”.  The effectiveness of this vision is sure to impact the lives of this generation and future generations to come!  The theme itself exemplifies our passion in pursuit of Victory through the Vision – “Excellence: Giving God our Best”!

 Yet, entrenched in this Vision is the staunch reality that:

1.        Change is often resisted because we become comfortable with what is familiar to us.  Change makes us assume “loss of control”   

           and requires cooperation.

2.        Full explanation of the Vision must be provided to the congregations.

3.        The executive leadership of the Deacons, Assistant and the Associate Ministers, Cabinet Members and All Auxiliary Leaders is    

            vital and critical components of the success of the Vision.

4.        The Management of the Vision must be focused on Excellence, “Things just don’t happen….they must be planned.


The Economic strength of any church is never totally measured by the cash reserves, but by the “willingness” of its members to make sacrifices and support Kingdom Building Agenda set before it.  All I ask, is we pool both our “willingness” and “boldness” to accomplish the Plan of God given to His Servant, the Pastor.  I believe that God has demonstrated that He remains committed to the “givers” and He will make “their desires” important to Him.  “The Lord loveth a Cheerful Giver”.


My task is to empower and enable the membership….then “each one must reach one” and “each one must teach one”.  Our ministry is not one of condemnation but one of invitation, “Whosoever will, let him come”.


It is the desire of Pastor Gregory L. Clarke that the families and individuals of this church, become debt free.  It is also my privilege and my promise to lead this church to become debt free before I retire.  The Strategic Plan coincides with the “Vision” through ongoing debt “elimination” practices and financial literacy empowerment and “education” of the members.


The Vision and Goals are comprehensive enough to cover the spiritual development of the whole man.  During the Vision Casting for 2012, the Public Sermons will be designed to minister to the hearts of the membership on their spiritual development as well as your understanding The Divine Principles of “Sowing and Reaping”.


If you attempt to do major surgery to a weak body, you end up killing the body while trying to heal it.  Therefore, I am convicted that spiritual growth precedes supernatural development.  We must Believe that our Breakthrough is Near….That our Best Days are yet ahead and that Reaping will follow Sowing!


The vision comes with Instructions:  “Write the Vision, Make it Plain”.  Vision Victory will come when the congregation takes ownership and declares “It is not only the Pastor’s Vision” but “Our Vision” also.


We will all Plan

We will all Pray

We will all Pay

We will all Proclaim