We love first-time visitors here at the New Hope of Birmingham!

Here are some questions and answers for you!

What are the service times & locations?


Service locations & times

1740 Cleburn Ave SW Birmingham, AL 35211
Phone: 205-925-9393
Sundays 10:00am

What do I wear?


Come as you are. There are few Sundays a year that we will have a preferred attire, but come dressed for church.

Where do I park?


There is a parking lot located on Cleburn Ave., directly across from the church. You may park in front of residences located on the street beside the church. Do not park near fire hydrants or in residential driveways.

What do I do when I get there?


Sign-in with our hospitality committee at the front door. We are happy that you are able to worship with us. We want to acknowledge you!