We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work. – John 9:4


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Ministry for Children and Youth

At New Hope, our mission is to instruct, inspire and encourage our children and youth in the ways of Jesus Christ and we have specially-designed services and ministries for their enrichment and growth.

Education and Fellowship

We are committed to the spiritual growth and fellowship of our members and have created a variety of ministries to assist in their development and walk with Christ.

Ministry for Seniors

We thank God for our seniors who are seasoned with wisdom and want this stage of their life to be filled with love, encouragement and even fun. We have ministries designed for their needs.



Family Ministries 

We know that families are the bedrock of any ministry and we pride ourselves in building them up spiritually and socially. We have specially-designed ministries to help create strong families from the father to the children.

Discipleship Ministry

We know that iron sharpens iron and so we have created several opportunities to help build disciples through Christian instruction and fellowship.

Community Ministries

We want to be an extension of the arms of Christ into our community. We have created ministries to help us serve those who live with alongside us.

Service Ministries

Our ministry is made up of those whose heart is to serve others just as Christ instructed us to. We have a variety of ministries with a mission is to do just that – serve.

 Music and Cultural Arts

We have a dynamic music and cultural arts ministry where our church family has the opportunity to express their artistic gifts while giving praises to God.


At New Hope we welcome everyone with the loving open arms of Christ. We have several ministries in place to make sure your experience with us is comfortable, loving and hospitable.

 Health Ministry

Congregational Health Leaders – Our church health professionals are specially-trained by the University of Alabama at Birmingham to conduct various health screenings. From blood pressure checks to answering basic health questions, they are here to help.


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